W-inter is the international organization of the W chapter. The purpose of W-Inter is mainly to meet the need from the students in international matters. This is meant to be done by adopting two different tracks.

Track 1 is focused on the Swedish W students and is meant to represent, inspire and help the students in international matters such as the process of going abroad through the KTH exchange program. This is ensured by e.g. working towards a clearer contact concerning the communication between the W student and KTH, by focusing on follow up activities and by supporting the W student throughout the whole exchange process.

Track 2 is on the other hand focused on the incoming international W students. By taking the roll as the mentors for the international students, W-inter’s purpose is to support the students, with emphasis on making connections among the international students as well as with the Swedish W students.

E-mail: w-inter@w-sektionen.se