Organs and operations

The Chapter’s organs and other operations include ClubWästeriet, DSSG, the Board, the Chapter’s premises, the Reception, and Åre. These are the activities that do not fit into the groups “Committees” or “Associations.”

CLW – The clubmastery of the chapter, shared with CL. They organize a pub night every week and some other events from time to time.

DSSG – The elected representative responsible for selling badges, wearables, and other merchandise to chapter members.

Board – The second highest governing body of the chapter after the SM. Responsible for drafting proposals and guiding the chapter forward. The board is also one of the bodies that traditionally organizes many events for the chapter.

Chapter Hall – The chapter’s official home where members can visit during the day. It is also the location where pubs are held by CLW and where chapter meetings are held.

Reception – The event where the chapter greets all newly enrolled students with the goal of giving them the best, most fun and enjoyable welcome possible.

Åre – The location where the chapter travels once a year to go skiing or socialize between cabins. This always takes place during the study period.