Jämlikhetsnämnden (JämN) is responsible for the chapter’s work on equality. We work with equality, diversity and equal treatment (JML for short in Swedish) to better our chapter in these regards and as a supporting board for questions regarding them. This work includes follow up of the chapters JML plan, the annual questionnaire study and arranging the Program day with SNO (Head of Study Board) and PAS (Student in charge of program related concerns).

We are also the chapter’s main representatives at the JML council of THS, the KTH student union. During this council all JML representatives from the different chapters gather to discuss issues relating to KTH’s and THS’s work and responsibility within equality, diversity and equal treatment. This board is perfect for anyone who would like to work with these aspects and make a difference in both the chapter and union.

If you would like to get involved, have any suggestions about what JämN should work with or any other questions feel free to contact us through our email or write to us on our Facebook page here.
In case of ill-treatment, harassment or discrimination, this can be reported to the president of the Equality Board via the link below. No cases are too small, and it is very important that we bring attention to harmful patterns and events that happen in the Chapter or at KTH so that they can be remedied. You can report things that have happened to you or to someone else and you can of course choose to be anonymous. To the report of ill-treatment.

Here you will find a document about the procedure when a report of ill treatment, harassment or discrimination is made as well as alternative people to contact if you do not wish to report to the president of the Equality Board. (pdf) (docx)

Email: jamlikhet@w-sektionen.se