SM #5

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Hello fellow W-ers!

Here’s the official invitation to chapter meeting five!

Date: 13/5-2024 and 14/5-2024
Time: 17 DK (17.30)
Location: Gråttan, Osquars backe 8
To bring: Chapter member ID (THS-card) and a smile!

There are currently a bunch of trustee positions that are to be elected at the chapter
meeting, so apply yourself or nominate someone. More information is available on the
electoral committee’s Instagram, or via the link.

The last day to fill in is 3/5 12:00, so apply apply applyyy!

Remember to become a THS and W-chapter member to be able to vote!

Remember to sign up for a dinner ticket through the link.

As the meeting is planned for two days, we have only planned for food on the first day,
food may possibly be added on the second day, depending on how long the first day is,
and then the same registration applies, but if food is not served on the second day, there
will of course be some fika!

In addition to the elections, the board will also present an operating plan and budget for
the next operating year, and the reception will also present its budget. Otherwise, there
will probably be motions and/or propositions, but more on that when the meeting
documents are sent out!

Any motions must be received no later than May 6th 17:30 and people who are no longer
able to attend shall report this an hour before the meeting at the latest, both to