SM #3

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Hello fellow W-ers!

Here’s the official invitation to our third chapter meeting.

There are two trustees positions vacant to be elected at SM #3, these are Head of Business relation of the Reception and the chairman of the ewent committee (EWO). If you feel like one of these posts suits you, or know someone who you think would have done a good job, you can apply or nominate via the link.

The form closes at 12:00 on 19/1, so come in and apply!

Don´t forget to become a THS and W-chapter member in order to vote! If you want food during the meeting, you can sign up here.

In addition, there will be a “mock vote” that was desired on SM #2. The reason is to test the Schultze method which is a voting method, to then vote on whether this is something the chapter wants. A CLW policy and a revised budget are also expected. Other motions and propositions may be added, but more about this will come with the agenda.

Potential motions shall, according to the statues, be sent in no later than the 19th of January, and people who are no longer able to attend shall report this an hour before the meeting at the latest, both to If you think that the 19th is too short of time, please contact the vice president at to find a solution.

Date: 29/01/2024
Time: 17 DK (17.30)
Location: Gråttan, Osquars backe 8
To bring: Chapter member ID (THS-card) and a smile!