SM #1

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Hello fellow W-ers!
Here’s the official invitation to our third chapter meeting this semester.
Election of the following positions will take place.
-1st Years representation in the board
-Presidiet, Reception Responsible
-Presidiet, Vice Reception Responsible
-Presidiet, Economy Responsible for the Reception
-Presidiet, Business Relations for the Reception
-Presidiet, Planning Responsible for the Reception
-Chapter speaker
-The board – Treasurer
-The board – Head of student social life
-President of W-inter
-President of Konstwerket
-President for the Alumni and Mentorship committee (WAM)

The meeting documents for the chapter meeting on monday can be found through the link below!

Remember to become a THS and W-chapter member to be able to vote!

People who are no longer able to attend shall report this an hour before the meeting at the lates