Release notes

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• The color theme has been changed to a dark theme

• All banners have been changed to high-resolution images that are relevant to energy and environment. • Trustees has received login credentials to be able to edit their own pages

• The board has received their own permissions and logins

• All menus have been changed to alphabetical order

• The animations for menus have been made faster

• Updated pages have been replaced, work remains. [Please report bugs in the information form at the bottom of the page]

• The board has received a “Hall of fame” where both former and future board members can post information about themselves. This should serve as a time capsule for the section.

• Logos and documents have been updated

• Some optimization has been done to make the page more responsive.


• Spam filter has been updated

• New automatic routines have been implemented to reduce our exposure to spam and scammers.

• Updated email addresses have been deleted in order to give more space to active email addresses.

• Storage quotas have been updated to meet everyone’s needs.