Chapter Week W. 36

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Hello all W-ers!

This week is chapter week! This means that every day during lunch there will be different committees and associations outside Gråttan. Take the opportunity to ask questions to the committees and associations before applying to them or just to find out more! To read more, you can also go to the chapter brochure which is up here on the website under documents.

The schedule for the section week:
Monday: Ewent committee, The Sustainability committee, Equaility committee
Tuesday: Åre ski trip managers, Study Environment committee, Dungeons and Wagons, W-international
Wednesday: WAM (W alumni and mentorship committee), NLG (Busniess relations group), Dubbelspexet
Thursday: DSSG (the one who sells stuff)/songbook committee, National reception presidium, CLubWästeriet
Friday: Väkstwerket, Sports committee