Chapter-week begins! W.36

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Hello, dear chapter members!

This upcoming week (w.36) is the chapter-week, where the W-chapter’s various committees and organizations will be present to answer questions about their function and duties towards the chapter. Most of the committees will be situated in our chapter hall, Gråttan on campus. You’re more than welcome to come by and ask questions and apply for the things that interest you! More information about the different organizations and committees can be found on our website under Documents→Chapterpamphlet. 

Have a nice weekend and see you in Gråttan!

Schedule for the chaper-week:

  • Monday: Study Environment Committee, W-Inter, The Sustainability Committee
  • Tuesday: The Business Relations Group and WAM
  • Wednesday: Wrålet, Konstwerket and The Sports Committee
  • Thursday: CLW and the Equality Committee
  • Friday: Ewentnämnden