CM 3

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Hello hi W, when you see this you might think but wow what is that feeling of déjà vu wasn’t there a chapter meeting just now? The board completely understand that feeling but just yet all we wanted to get done during this wonderful (read horrible?) year.

During CM 3 the 3rd of December we promise both posts (from the last meeting we still have three positions in the presidium (Swedish reception people and Vice President of the Business Relations Group), and more so both motions and propositions in almost an overflow, the budget might be among these…….*wink wink*

The meeting is of course on zoom and we look forward to seeing just your beautiful face there! Summons should be in your email inbox (if you haven’t received it let us know by pressing here and send us an email) of course you can find these on the webpage under documents or directly by clicking here. I will also add the zoom link.

I hope to see you there!

Regards the board with the webmaster in the lead!