Boards and organisations within the chapter

  • ClubWästeriet

CLubWästeriet is in charge of party and pub activities for the CL (Engineering and Teaching) and the W (Energy and Environment) chapters. The board consists of two chairpersons (one from each chapter), a head of economics and a group of internally chosen participants.

The current chairperson of the club for the W-chapter is Daniel Thörnqvist. Email:

  • Konstwerket

Konstwerket works with organizing different cultural activities. Through Konstwerket you have access to enrich your free time with everything from art, music and theatre to film, world culture or topical events. The events organized by Konstwerket are also open to nonmembers. To stay up to date with events check Konstwerkets Facebook page here!

The current chairperson of Konstwerket is Markus Tenfält.


  • Dubbelspexet

What is Spex?

Simply put Spex is a form of amateur theatre which can be explained as a comical musical with many bad puns where interactivity is key. Audience participation occurs continuously throughout the performance through commands like: ‘restart’, ‘in German’, ‘switch roles’, ‘kiss them’, etcetera. Spex has its origins in the 1850’s in Uppsala in response to the Greek and Latin dramas they studied. If you want to find out more about Spex a great tip is to try to attend one. Many of the different chapter Spex performances are in Spring after the exams. Otherwise you can read more about in on Wikipedia.

If you have any questions or ideas concerning the W-chapters Spex feel free to contact us at:

  • De som säljer grejer (DSSG)

De som säljer grejer or DSSG translates to Those who sell things and is a board which is in charge of the chapter overalls, badges, clothes and other studentesque products. Although DSSG may not be the most serious board it still has a lot of responsibilities and a large budget. Board Members sometimes show up at the chapter hall (Gråttan) during lunch med goods to sell to nice students. If you’re looking to buy an overall, have an idea for a badge or more badges in general contact us! Email or text is preferred.

Cash is king!

The current chairperson of DSSG is Marika Westman.


  • Idrottsnämnden

Idrottsnämnden is the board of sports and athletics and works to keep the chapter members active. We do this by organizing events for all kinds of sports and are continuously working to offer a wide variety of sports. If you’re interested in joining any of the activities, we organize just contact the chairperson of Idrottsnämnden (often referred to as Bollkalle).

The current chairperson of Idrottsnämnden is Erik Adolfsson.


  • Jämlikhetsnämnden

Jämlikhetsnämnden (JämN) is responsible for the chapter’s work in equality. We work with equality, diversity and equal treatment (JML for short in Swedish) to better our chapter in these regards and as a supporting board for questions regarding them. This work includes follow up of the chapters JML plan, the annual questionnaire study and arranging the Program day with SNO (Head of Study Board) and PAS (Student in charge of program related concerns).

We are also the chapter’s main representatives at THS, the KTH student union, at the JLM council. During this council all JML representatives from the different chapters gather to discuss issues relating to KTH’s and THS’s work and responsibility within equality, diversity and equal treatment. This board is perfect for anyone who would like to work with these aspects and make a difference in both the chapter and union.

If you would like to get involved, have any suggestions about what JämN should work with or any other questions feel free to contact us through our email or write to us on our Facebook page here.
In case of ill-treatment, harassment or discrimination, this can be reported to the president of the Equality Board via the link below. No cases are too small, and it is very important that we bring attention to harmful patterns and events that happen in the Chapter or at KTH so that they can be remedied. You can report things that have happened to you or to someone else and you can of course choose to be anonymous. To the report of ill-treatment.

Here you will find a document about the procedure when a report of ill treatment, harassment or discrimination is made as well as alternative people to contact if you do not wish to report to the president of the Equality Board. (pdf) (docx)

The current chairperson of JämN is Cecile Bouju.


  • Näringslivsgruppen

Näringslivsgruppen (NLG) is responsible for the chapter’s internal and external flow of information and business relations. It is also tasked with marketing members’ education and is responsible for the chapters contact with the industry and sponsors.

The head of NLG is also a part of the W-chapter leadership and is part of THS’s own council within business relations.

The board consisting of the chairperson, vice chairperson and chapter webmaster are chosen during the chapter meeting. In addition to these positions, several chapter members are part of and work with NLG. They are divided into two groups: active (shape and organize projects) and support (work on projects without specific role).

If you would like to participate, have questions or want to give us feedback contact us so we can tell you more.

The current head of NLG is Erik Östling.


  • Sektionslokalen

The W-chapter’s hall is called Gråttan (sometimes written as Gr8n) and is located by the E-building across the campus library. The address is Osquars Backe 8.

If you have any questions about the chapter hall or would like to book it contact the Chapter Hall head. If you would like to see when the hall is available click here.

The current Chapter Hall head is Katja Andersson.


  • Studiemiljönämnden

The Study Board (Studiemiljönämnden) is the chapter’s educational committee and consists of SNO (the head of the Study Board), Vice SNO (vice head of the Study Board), PAS (Student in charge of program related concerns), representatives from each year and other board members. We act as a link between students, teachers and program developers and work to make the Energy and Environment program the best it can be. It is our job to bring forth your opinions about your education. The Study Board is responsible for course evaluations and term evaluations to ensure that the teaching holds the high standards necessary so that Energy and Environment students have the skills necessary for their engineering degrees.

If you have any issues with a teacher, a course or just want to let us know how we are doing don’t hesitate to contact us.

The head of the study board is Beatrice Marsilius.


Current Student in charge of program related concerns is Siri Ranung.


  • WAM

WAM is the W-chapter’s Alumni and Mentorship board which works with creating a channel between alumni from the W-chapter with current students still studying Energy and Environment at KTH.

WAM organizes events with the opportunity to get to know alumni and get an image of what you can work with during your studies and after your graduation.

The current chairperson of WAM is Anna Kuhlefelt.


  • W-inter

W-Inter is the international organization of the W chapter. The purpose of W-Inter is mainly to meet the need from the students in international matters. This is meant to be done by adopting two different tracks.

Track 1 is focused on the Swedish W students and is meant to represent, inspire and help the students in international matters such as the process of going abroad through the KTH exchange program. This is ensured by e.g. working towards a clearer contact concerning the communication between the W student and KTH, by focusing on follow up activities and by supporting the W student throughout the whole exchange process.

Track 2 is on the other hand focused on the incoming international W students. By taking the roll as the mentors for the international students, W-Inter’s purpose is to support the students, with emphasis on making connections among the international students as well as with the Swedish W students.

Current president of W-Inter is Evelina Steen.


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