Regarding COVID-19

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Dear W-chapter!

Today, regarding COVID-19 and all of the insecurities on how to behave, the Chapter Board had a meeting on how to best handle the situation. It has been decided that all physical meetings will be canceled or postponed until further notice.

This decision was not easy to make and are based on following arguments:

-The situation is very unsure and new information/recommendations are given daily.

– Social impact. Some people have a fear of missing out, and this will ecnourage them to attend social event they should not be at. It is very important that everybody feels as comfortable as possible and won’t feel the pressure to attend.

– The chapters budget is important and this decision is more safe from that perspective.

What does this mean?
The chapter will not be hosting any physical events for members or the public in the near future. The decision is valid for the time being, but the Chapter Board will continuously evaluate the situation and update the decision if necessary. All activities will not stop, but meetings will be digital.

KTH have decided to lock down the premises for students, our chapter hall Gråttan included, from tomorrow, 18th March.

If you have any question, you can reach the chapter board at

You can find lot of information on THS and KTH webpage:…/angaende-det-nya-coronaviruset-covid…

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