New recruitment

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According to the new recruitment policy, those who are elected in internal processes (such as for events, the reception, etc.) are to be announced publicly. Here is therefore a list of the members of the newly founded Jubilee Committee that will arrange the chapter’s 10-year anniversary ball next year, as well as the group leaders for this year’s reception!

The Jubilee Committee
Dan Selsmark
Anna Hallberg
Emma Östlund
Jennifer Erlandsson
Fanny von Matérn
Maria Bang
Vilhelm Lindvall
Sigrid Wikell
Beatrice Marsilius
Astrid Svanfeldt
Emil Blocksjö
Amanda Sivard

Reception group leaders:
Wisperiet: Pallavi Roy
N0llegasque: Alexander Nordin
Witseriet: Erik Adolfsson
Wiseriet: Danielle Crowter Elfving
Wägledare: Emil Blocksjö and Elvira Niemelä
Wiseriet: Inez Björnberg
Fuskn0llan: Beata Ericsson

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